A reluctant sex symbol, Raquel says she constantly found herself at the center of attention. "I was happy that I had got a break so I could have my career, but at the same time, it was like: 'This isn't me. But this is what I have to do because this is my ticket to ride,'" she says. "I'm not in a position to just say: 'Oh, no, wait a minute. You've got it all wrong. I'd like to do Shakespeare.'"

At times, Raquel says she felt taken advantage of. "I felt I was being manipulated and things were moving without my consent, but I was also trying to calculate, because I'm not stupid."

Still, Raquel admits she became accustomed to certain perks. "It had some power attached to it, so that part I became addicted to," she says. "It pulled me away from my more serious artistic side, and I kind of just let the other go, to tell you the truth."


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