Dr. Robin calls Laveranues a 'miracle.

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Dr. Robin shared a profound message with Laveranues for his brave testimony. "I have met a man today who is a miracle," says Dr. Robin. "You are an example—a beautiful, perfected example—of what it means to be a man. What it means to be strong. What it means to be real."

Identifying the molestation for what it truly is, says Dr. Robin, is essential for healing. "It is not just being molested. We need to call it what it is: Rape." Dr. Robin explains that by referring to the abuse as "sexual molestation," the severity of the crime is diminished. "It is rape," Dr. Robin continues. "It's not just physical. It's not just sexual. It's the normal parts of life that you couldn't even do without being reminded of the filth that was brought into your life. The other piece that was raped was your spirit."

Breaking the silence is another crucial element for recovery. "The silence is as deadly as the abuse," says Dr. Robin. "When we're silent about stuff, what we're really saying is 'this is so bad and it's so ugly and it's so dark that we can't even speak'. … We've got to come together as a family…begin to talk about what really happened, so as we do that, we break the clutches that this man had on you."