Sirretta, Laveranues's mother

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Sirretta, Laveranues's mother, first learned of her son's sexual abuse when she was called to the school that day. Stunned by the news, Sirretta says "the only thing that I could literally do was—just in shock—begin to weep."

Because Sirretta worked night shifts, she says she had no knowledge of the abuse. "I've searched my heart over and over and over to try to figure out why I did not see it," says Sirretta. "I did not have any idea or I would never have stayed in that relationship."

Laveranues's stepfather was sentenced to nine years in prison in 1992 after pleading guilty to the charges. He served three and a half years.

Looking back, Sirretta says her now ex-husband had certain unsettling characteristics. "When you see certain things, you make excuses for it instead of calling it what it is," she says.

Almost 15 years have passed since Laveranues's horrific secret was exposed. Now 27, Laveranues says he and his mother have never spoken about the abuse… until now.