Tina and Sam, married parents who swing

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Tina and Sam have been married for more than 20 years and have three children together. They're basically your next door neighbors—they go to church every week, both have their Ph.D.s, and they also say they are kind of "boring" people.

Except for one small detail—Tina and Sam are swingers, often having intercourse with other couples.

Sam says that they don't expect to have sex with their neighbors, but instead seek out partners at clubs or on the Internet. But he says swinging definitely isn't for everyone. "If you have problems in your relationship, it's not something you should try," he says.

Tina says swinging has improved her sex life. "What you find out is that it just enhances the experience with your life partner," she says. "Some of the best sex we've ever had is after we've been with somebody else."