Brad tries to forgive his wife Holly's infidelity

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Brad's wife, Holly, cheated on him with a co-worker. Holly says the affair had lasted about eight months, but it had been over for six months when she confessed to Brad the truth. Brad said he sensed something was wrong within their relationship for quite some time. The couple has sought counseling to repair their marriage.

Brad: We were spending time together and, when it started, I sensed her beginning to pull away and taking on a second life. She had been a stay-at-home mom for a long time, and when she began to work outside the home, I sensed a pulling away. I sensed a distance between us. And on several occasions I would try to bring that up and address that to her and say to her, "Holly, I really feel that we're struggling here in our relationship. I feel you pulling away from me. I feel like we're not married anymore. Let's sit down and talk about it." That would generally spark an argument and then we'd begin to fight about something else. The topic would get changed.

Holly: I could not live with the guilt. I could not live with the lies in our marriage, and I knew that for us to have an open, honest communication, there couldn't be any lies. There couldn't be any secrets. I had to put that out on the table, knowing that he may reject me, but that I had felt our marriage was worth more than that to me. And I told him.