Lorraine Ali

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Lorraine Ali is a reporter for Newsweek who helped blow the lid off what they call "The New Infidelity." Lorraine says that the increase in infidelity for women like Vanessa stems from a lack of attention—the same reason many men cheat.

"We interviewed dozens of women for this story," Lorraine says. "One of the consistent things was them saying, 'I really love my husband. He's a good guy. Our marriage is fairly stable. But I'm not getting these certain things I need from him,' and one of them was attention. … Cheating has always been looked at as a man's game, but women are living the lives of men now. You know, 60 percent of American women are working outside the house. Twenty-five percent of them are making more than their husband. They're financially independent. They have busy lives, and they're looking to blow off steam. But also, it's like, 'I deserve this.'