Oprah says she loves Seal's latest CD, Soul, so much that she recently got lost in a song while driving, missed her turn and drove into an embankment! The music phenom isn't surprised Oprah became one with the tunes, because he says that's just what happened to him. "I grew up with a lot of these songs, so they're pretty much in my DNA," Seal says."But talking about them and actually getting to the microphone and singing those songs are two different things."

Though Seal was plenty nervous covering artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, he says he's satisfied with the final product. "When we got the first pass of my vocal on 'I've Been Loving You Too Long,' that was the one song where I thought to myself, 'I'm my own biggest critic, but if [Otis Redding] was alive, I'd feel pretty proud about playing that to him.'" 

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Another thing in Seal's DNA? His kids! He and wife, Heidi Klum, are about to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary and are expecting their third child together. They've got big news—it's a girl!

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