Brynda and Matt

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Brynda is the stranger who Matt saved that day. She says that Matt will always be a part of her family, and reads a letter she wrote to him:

"What a blessing it is to have been in your line of sight when I was in urgent need of help. Before you came into my life, I only had two sons, but now I have three. You are part of my family now and you will always be in our hearts. I only hope that if you ever find yourself in trouble, your guardian angel will come to your aid just as you came to mine. Thank you for changing my life with your selfless act of courage."

The four young men who attacked Brynda and Matt were arrested. Three of them pleaded guilty to robbery and were given probation. The alleged shooter has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

For his heroism, Matt was awarded the Governor of Colorado's Medal of Valor.