Matt took a bullet for a stranger

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He is a real-life superhero who put his life on the line for a total stranger. Matt, 27, has been throwing punches as an amateur boxer for years. But nothing prepared him for the ultimate fight he faced just months ago. Matt was sitting at his office computer when outside his window, he saw group of young men trying to steal a purse from a woman. Matt immediately ran to her rescue, but was shot in the chest point blank. The bullet missed his heart but penetrated his lung.

Matt: I heard the pop and then I could smell the smoke coming from the gun, but I didn't feel anything. It took a while…until I could actually feel the bullet burning in my back. I knew I had to fight to live—but I also remember thinking that I didn't know too many people who can make it [being shot] point blank in the chest, and I accepted the fact that I potentially was not going to make it through this.

Oprah: Many people would observe and call 911 and other people would shout for somebody else to come and help, but you just dove into, really, the line of fire.

Matt: It was a split second decision I made…To have something like that happen in front of my shop and nobody doing anything about it—that's not happening on my watch. I saw what was going on and I ran out there and I helped her out.