After the show, Shaq hooked up his new best friend with an action-packed all-star weekend. Brenden and his mom flew to Phoenix and landed front-row seats to a Suns game.

After the game, Shaq gave Brenden a backstage tour of the team's training and locker rooms—not to mention shoes so new that they aren't even on the market! 

See where Brenden and Shaq went after the game ended! Watch

Next, Brenden and Shaq get into his souped up Shaq-mobile and head off to a five-star dinner. The next day, Brenden is fitted for a new custom wardrobe, designed by Shaq's personal tailor! 

Since meeting Shaq, Brenden has learned to play basketball. "I just want you to do one thing," Shaq says. "Stay positive. Follow your dreams and just be happy, brother. You're tall for a reason. Trust me on this. The girls like tall guys."

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