In November 2008, Dr. Oz introduced us to Brenden Adams, a 12-year-old with a genetic abnormality that causes him to keep growing. Brenden stands at 7'4" tall—an inch taller than when he first met Dr. Oz—and shared the struggles he faces living in an average-size world.

Brenden also revealed that NBA star Shaquille O'Neal was one of his heroes. "That's because I could look at him at eye level," he said.

When Shaq heard about Brenden, he wanted to surprise him with the offer of a lifetime—some one-on-one hang time. "We're going to fly you and your family to Phoenix to a game," Shaq said. "You'll hang out with me, we'll ride around, go shopping, go to the mall. We'll just have fun, because I'm 12 years old also."


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