Sarah says her first priority during their second meeting was to get $38,000 for a friend who urgently needed the money. The reporter gave her $40,000 in cash, which Sarah says elicited a flood of tears.

"I think I was so out of control with desperation to the point where I'd reached no return of helping my friend with the $40,000," she says. "Sort of out of my mind."

Oprah says it's hard to imagine that Sarah—the Duchess of York who was once married to the Prince—doesn't have access to $40,000. Couldn't she ask her husband or the Queen for help? "Absolutely not, because I am divorced from the royal family and I would never dream of doing that," she says. She tried to make money on her own, but she says she couldn't succeed in the business world. "I did my Weight Watchers work for 12 years, and I loved that. I tried to go into business, and I didn't build a very strong house—a business house. The architects, the foundations—they weren't very strong."

Though Sarah won't specify exactly how much debt she has, she says it's a "substantial" amount. "I've got a huge uphill battle, but that's why I must look at bankruptcy," she says. "Before, [I was] spiraling so out of control I was looking for the quick fixes in places I wouldn't normally look."

Sarah says her spending had gotten out of control. "Like anybody that goes through an addiction to food, and addiction to goodness knows what ... it's just out of control behavior," she says. "I do know that I think running up huge debts and being out of control, never knowing how to deal with it, all of these issues are not to be really looked at."

One day, Sarah hopes to be able to look back on the incident with a clearer perspective, she says, but for the moment she's just trying to get through it. "I hope in the future I will one day get to a point where I'll show: This is what you get to when you don't face your dark side and the demons and the fears that run in you," she says. "I will embrace it because I have to. I will beg for forgiveness. All I can know is that it happened and now I have got to go forward. Find a way forward as Sarah."


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