There is more to this story than what is shown on the video, Sarah says. Three weeks before the video was shot, a friend asked her to meet the reporter, who, at the time, was claiming to be a powerful businessman from India, Sarah says.

"[My friend said]: 'I've got a really good friend who really wants to help you, and he really likes you. And he's got a wife that he's divorcing and three children, and they really need your advice,'" Sarah says. "And I'm wondering whether this friend who introduced me was set up or not."

The reporter told them he went to school with Sarah's friend's father in India. "But he'd taken on the fake identity of a friend of a friend in India who was a very big businessman," she says. "We actually rang the company in India, and the company said: 'Yes, he's head of investments. He's a huge man here. We really love him.'"

Sarah says she met this man for the first time on May 13, 2010, and spent 30 minutes discussing his fictional wife and children. Then, their discussion turned to business.


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