During the presidential race, Sarah wasn't the only Palin making headlines. Then 17-year-old Bristol Palin made news when her pregnancy became public.

Now 19, Bristol is the proud mom of 1-year-old Tripp. Though she loves being a mom, she admits it's not easy to care for a child and work at the same time. "The lack of sleep definitely surprised me," she says. "A typical day starts at 4, 4:30."

Being a mom, Bristol says, makes her respect her own mother more. In a recent interview, she spoke about crying as she tried to rock her screaming baby to sleep. "I have this big supportive family and stuff, but I just felt so alone," she says. "[It] felt just like a breaking point where reality sunk in that, yeah, I have a kid. This is my life. This is my full-time job now."


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