One February night in 2010, a suicide bomber sneaked onto Sgt. Young's compound and headed toward the barracks with more than 50 American soldiers inside. Before the bomber could get in, Sasha, Rufus and Target spotted the man and attacked.

"Sasha was barking, trying to cause a commotion. Target and Rufus latched onto him. He was able to get the door open, but that was far as he got," Sgt. Young says. "He detonated himself at that point—it was absolute chaos."

How the dogs knew to attack is a mystery, but Sgt. Young says he thinks animals have a sixth sense. "I really feel that they knew he was up to no good, so the three dogs decided to stop him in his tracks," he says.

After the smoke cleared and the chaos subsided, the soldiers searched the rubble for these heroic canines. They found Sasha first. "Her wounds were so bad that she had to be put down," Sgt. Young says. "Then we found Rufus and Target. They were in bad shape."


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