When three stray dogs wandered onto a U.S. military compound in Afghanistan, Sgt. Terry Young says he knew he had found three new companions—but he had no idea how important their friendship would become.

Sgt. Young first met Sasha, Target and Rufus in 2009 while he was stationed in Afghanistan. "First on the scene was Sasha. She was a sweetheart," Sgt. Young says. "Next was Target. We were playing football. She would come running out onto the field, wiggling her backside—it was the cutest little thing. And then Rufus, he had the big floppy ears and was just a big, lovable guy."

These dogs were more than just strays to Sgt. Young and the other soldiers in the 48th Infantry Brigade. "The dogs were just a huge pick-me-up," Sgt. Young says. "They were our babies."


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