Prince Hubertus, Prince Louis-Albert, Prince Amoti and Prince Charles-Henri

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"How to Marry a Royal"
In 1996, Oprah had a revealing conversation with four of the most eligible royal bachelors in the world: Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe of Austria, Prince Louis Albert de Broglie of France, Prince Amoti Nyabongo of Uganda and Prince Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz of France. But these princes were far from what you would have expected.

Prince Hubertus was an Olympic-level skier—who represented Mexico, the country of his birth—and rockstar. "I had to hide my prince thing because of the image that you live in a castle," he said.

Prince Louis Albert was known as "the gardening prince." He had designed his own line of garden tools and turned his chateau into a bed-and-breakfast.

Prince Amoti was a Brooklyn cop.

And Prince Charles-Henri was in the process of modernizing his half-dozen French chateaus. "Royalty is mainly a sense of duty and service," Prince Charles-Henri said. "We all have our business interest, but we all maintain a sense of tradition and do what the family has always been doing, which is serving the people we take care of."