Rosie's last day wasn't her only controversial moment on The View. During one discussion, Rosie criticized business mogul Donald Trump, which sparked a vicious back-and-forth in the media.

The show's leading lady, Barbara, got caught in the middle. Barbara, a social acquaintance of Donald's, said Rosie didn't feel like she defended her enough. This led to a confrontation in The View's dressing room, which Barbara described during a 2008 Oprah Show interview as Rosie's worst day, emotionally.

Rosie describes the moment in her book, Celebrity Detox. She writes: "I stood up. I tell people I love, I've always told people if you ever are in a fight with me and I stand up, leave the room. Not because I'm going to hit you. I've never hit a person. I've never worried that I would. But if I stand up, that's a sign that the rage is too big for my body. I have to move to readjust the rage and the pressure of the past."

Overcome with rage, Rosie says she yelled hurtful things at Barbara, which she now regrets. "What's really, really regretful for me is that I think I scared her," she says. "I actually do love her and care about her, but I did scare her that day. Because, you know, I'm 200 pounds. When I stand up, and I go right in your face and say: 'What is wrong with you? Do you not have a human heart?' It's crazy."

Instead of using her words as weapons, Rosie says if she'd been braver, she would have cried and told Barbara she hurt her feelings. "The authentic feeling that I had was pain and hurt and rejection," she says. "I have a lot of emotions and I express them, and I'm lucky that I'm in a business where I get paid to do that. Sometimes, though, they overwhelm me. Sometimes I get flooded."


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