Today, Rosie says Kelli still lives near her home in upstate New York, and they come together for the big events in their kids' lives, like the first day of school. But, Rosie says the decision to co-parent the children was very upsetting at first.

"My desire, always, my whole life was to be a mother—and a full-time mother," she says. "It was not to not live with them."

One night, Rosie says she was crying in her room when her oldest son, 14-year-old Parker, came in to see what was wrong. "He's like, 'What's up, Mom?' And I was like, 'I can't imagine that you're not going to be here, and I'm just going to miss you so much.' And he said: 'Mom, I'm always going to be your son. It doesn't matter where I am. You're okay. I love you. We're connected. It's all right,'" she says. "He's like my little Yoda."

Now, Rosie says she and Kelli have found a free-flowing way to share equal time with their children without really ever being without them.


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