Righting the ills of the world on a global scale begins at home—in our own country, in our own homes, and within ourselves. Like Nancy Grace, we must take a hard look at injustice and fight for what is right, beginning with our own families. With that, I leave you with my

Recipe for Peace and Democracy in the Home

*children are allowed a vote—

a say in the world in which they live from day one.

Without democracy in our homes,

we will never have it in the world.

*however, during the teenage years, when they have become a severe nuisance to the general public, they must enter a time of service to the community in which they live. They must be paid fairly and taxed for hanging around in malls. At this time, they are not to be around too many people their own age, unless under the constant supervision of a grandmother figure. Teenagers need their grandparents more than they need their parents at this age, when they compose their own sense of style. The grandparent is able to help balance and correct teenage whims and dreams. That is because grandparents are secretly having a good-natured and loving laugh at the utter ridiculous futility of a teenager's dreams behind their back, and thinking of ways to help cushion reality’s blows. It is definitely one of life's great pleasures.
Excerpted from Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm by Roseanne Barr, Copyright © 2011 by Full Moon & High Tide Productions, Inc. Excerpted by permission of Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. All rights reserved.


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