Chaz and Roger have been married 18 years. Through sickness and health, she has been by Roger's side every step of the way. "I would like to say, from one woman to another, you are incredible," Oprah says. "The reason is this: This woman refused to let him die. Years ago during the early, first operations when everybody was saying it's done, it's over, Chaz called me and said, 'I refuse to let him die.' And she stood by him and has been with him and taken care of him and shown what true love is."

Chaz says the experience has been intense, but she knew she couldn't give up on Roger. "When I married Roger, I knew what an amazing man he was. He is smart. He's funny. He's very respectful of women. He's appreciative of other cultures," she says. "It's hard to find someone like him. And I didn't want to lose him. And I felt almost like I was going a little insane. I was so intense; I just refused to give up on him. If there was anything in my power to help him live, that's what I was going to do."


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