Before taping his official appearance on Oprah's stage, Peter conspired with Oprah Show producers to rock one Harpo staffer's world. Executive producer and die-hard Frampton fan Sheri Salata has masterminded many surprises over the years. What she didn't know was that producers had a top-secret plan to make one of her teen dreams come true.

Every Monday morning, Sheri leads a Harpo staff meeting to discuss plans for the shows taping that week. The Monday before Peter was scheduled to tape, Sheri brought the show's producers to the stage as usual.

As Peter hides behind the stage, show producers Tara and Leslie go for the fake-out. They ask the rest of the staff to help them decide what Peter should perform. "Peter really, really, really wants to sing 'Show Me the Way,'" Tara says. "But Sheri really wants him to sing ['Baby , I Love Your Way'], so we just want to take a vote."

They play snippets of "Show Me the Way" as Sheri shakes her head no. Then, the soft sounds of "Baby, I Love Your Way" fill the studio and Peter walks out playing it live on his guitar—right behind Sheri.

When she turns around, Sheri gets the shock of her life, her teen idol crooning, "Ooh, Sheri, I love your way."


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