Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane Woodstock dress

Courtesy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

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Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane's Woodstock Dress, 1967
Grace Slick wore this vest onstage for Jefferson Airplane's performance at the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair on August 16, 1969. Grace recalled about her choice of clothing for the performance, "We were not aware that it was going to be that big—I thought, 'August—it will be hot and dry on the East Coast.' So I got a white sleeveless outfit. Okay, so then it rains a lot—there was just mud. I suppose I could have been funky and walked around in the mud and played with it on me, but I was kind of being prissy." Grace went on to say, "Some people never even have a couple of really good years in their life, so I feel really lucky that [Woodstock] showed that people do have a desire to live for both freedom and peace."

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A biographer once said that Jefferson Airplane epitomized the San Francisco scene of the mid-to-late '60s, and Grace's importance to Jefferson Airplane cannot be underestimated. "White Rabbit," which she wrote, helped define not only her band but also an entire era. Her iconoclastic vocals on "Somebody to Love" gave the Airplane its biggest hit. As one of the first female rockstars, Grace helped redefine a woman's role in rock as more than just a sex symbol backed by a band.