Hours after Greg left Angela's workplace, footage of the attempted robbery hit the local news and the Internet. That night, Donna, Greg's mother, was up watching the 11 p.m. news when she saw her son's face come across her television set. "My heart just stopped," she says.

Donna says she jumped in the car still wearing her pajamas and drove to her son's house to convince him to do the right thing.

"Once I got there, he was sitting on the stairs, bawling and crying and apologizing," Donna says. "I just hugged him and told him: 'You need to turn yourself in, because they're considering you as an armed robber. I don't want them to come here and something bad happens.'"

Before that night, Donna says she knew her son was depressed and, at one time, suicidal, but she never imagined this outcome. Donna says Greg's inability to find a job and support his family may have made him feel like less of a man, but that doesn't justify criminal behavior. "There's no excuse," she says.


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