Gwyneth Paltrow and Gayle King

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Gwyneth Paltrow
Every inch of the red carpet is twinkling with stars, and Gayle King can't wait for someone to come by to talk to her! And when an elegant Gwyneth Paltrow walks by, Gayle's there to get the scoop!

Gayle: Mommyhood seems to agree with you!

Gwyneth: I'm having the best time. I'm completely in love and enchanted with her, and she's just amazing!

Gayle: I've read that you will never bring your husband [Chris Martin of the band Coldplay] on the red carpet. Is that still true?

Gwyneth: That's very true, yes. You see people sort of get together and break up and it always seems like the people who are the most public with it sort of suffer the most publicly if it doesn't work out or if it does work out. It just seems like it invites the whole world in and I just prefer not to do it that way.

Gayle: But things are okay in the Paltrow-Martin household?

Gwyneth: We're a happy household!