Christine says she did just about every "boy activity" there was growing up. "I was an altar boy. I was in sports. I was a Boy Scout," Christine says. "I guess on the outside it looked as if I had everything—I had the perfect life. But on the inside, I felt as if it was fake. I didn't feel as if I was gay, which was the closest thing that I knew. I just knew I had these feelings and it just didn't feel right."

Christine graduated college and eventually became an officer and a flight surgeon in the Navy. Despite Chris'—now Christine's—accomplishments, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. It wasn't until Christine was 30 years old that she realized she was born into the wrong sex.

"It was a relief to finally understand myself, but also it was like Pandora's Box," Christine says. "Now I knew what was going on and I had to tell my family and everything, and there was a long road ahead of me. "


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