Q: As a junk food junkie, what is the easiest step I can take to be healthier?

A: Eat all the junk food you want—as long as you cook it yourself. That way, it'll be less junky and you won't eat it every day because it's a lot of work. Our big problem is that high-calorie, special occasion foods like cakes, fried foods, etc. have become so cheap and easy that we eat them every day. Make them special again by cooking them yourself. You won't do it every day, I promise.

Q: I was at the airport last week, and at the food court, I saw nothing but fast food. What do you do? 

A: I had this problem right after taping The Oprah Show, when I found myself in Midway Airport very hungry because I hadn't had lunch. Here's what I did: There's almost always a Mexican place at the airport. I got a rice and bean burrito. It did the trick.


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