In the years following his removal from his mother's home, Gregg says his own behavior was very much affected by the abuse he had suffered. "As a teenager and into my 20s, I became incredibly promiscuous. I couldn't last in a relationship very long, or I had multiple relationships going on at the same time," he says. "It wasn't until the nervous breakdown in my first year at university that I began seeking professional help, first for the promiscuity and then addressing for the first time the abuse."

Despite the setbacks, Gregg went on to graduate college, get a master's degree and marry Sarah, a woman he met at work. Initially, Gregg says he was scared to tell Sarah about his past. "[I was afraid] that she would judge me or find me to be perverted, that she would associate me with someone who's mentally or emotionally defunct and I would not have an opportunity to be in a healthy relationship if I shared that information with her," he says. "The same trust and love I had for my abuser, my mother, which was an unhealthy trust and love, I had to wait until I felt that the trust and love I had for someone else felt right and healthy and safe."


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