After Gregg stepped in to save April from being prostituted, he says his mother never tried to sell her again. "It was the best decision I ever made," he says. "I told my mother I wouldn't let it happen. I rarely spoke up to my mother. I told her that I wouldn't allow this, in my own childlike words, and it became so difficult for her to make the arrangements because I made sure to insert myself somehow."

Gregg says his mother tried to lure him to bed with her so that April could be with customers, but he would always say no. "That's all it took, just one word," he says. "She would beat me, grow tired, and she would never try again."

April says that even at the young of 7, she knew her brother was protecting her. "I knew something's not right. As far as touching, we're all taught certain private areas are not allowed," she says. "I knew with my mother, when that would happen sexually, I was definitely afraid of her. I would run and hide, do whatever I could to stay away from her, [and] I knew when a man arrived that this was not a good feeling."


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