Gregg's sister, April, is two years younger and says she was also sexually abused by their mother. "She would come in, grab my hand, bring me into her bedroom, and to me it was going in and sleeping with my mom, spending time with my mom," she says. "Little did I know that she would make me fondle her vagina…then she would do the same to me. Then I would be so exhausted, I would fall asleep and then I was directed back to my room."

April says she thinks the abuse went on for a couple of years until her brother stepped in and saved her. "Thank God he did—my savior," April says. "He said: 'No more. You're not going to do that to my sister,' and unfortunately, he took the abuse for it."

Gregg says there was one instance, when he was 9 and his sister was 7, that he remembers stepping in for April when his mother planned on forcing her to be with a male customer. "A man came to the house. I anticipated it was either for me or my mother. At that particular time, after the money exchanged hands, my mother called April out of her room. … This had never happened before," he says. "I grabbed April, I walked her down the hallway. My mother grabbed me and slammed me up against the wall. I told April to hide, and she did. And I went out to the living room and stood there, and my mother told me to go through with it. She retired to her bedroom, and the man took advantage of me instead."


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