After being raped by his own mother for a year, Gregg's abuse took another shocking turn.

"My mother frequently solicited men in the neighborhood, prostituted herself at local pubs," he says. "The sexual abuse started when I was about 8 years old. That was the first time with my mother…and the men soon followed after that."

The first night this happened, Gregg says a man came to the door, but instead of following his mom back to her bedroom, the man stayed in the living room. Then, Gregg says his mother ordered him to stay with the man. He was 8 years old at the time.

"The man began to undress me and perform fellatio on me, and I struggled desperately not to allow my body to react to the stimulus," he says. "I was successful that evening. The man grew frustrated. He left the house."

That was the first time Gregg's mother prostituted her son, but it wasn't the last. "It became worse because, when I got older, sometimes I couldn't control the biological response to the stimulus," he says. "Whenever I could not control my body's natural reaction—an erection—to the stimulus, it always felt like it was my fault."

Gregg says his mother and the male perpetrators echoed this sentiment and told him, "You like it."

Gregg says his mother told him the family would go hungry and lose their home if she didn't sell his body for money. She also threatened him with violence. "Her main threat was the men would come back and cut off my genitals," he says. "And I believed her."


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