When Gregg was 9 or 10 years old, he says his body began to mature and respond biologically to the sexual stimulus. "It just seemed…it felt consensual," he says. "I wanted to die. I wanted to be rid of this ugly feeling of being my mother's lover."

Gregg says he felt ashamed and confused. "She would tell me that I seduced her. This was my doing. I initiated it," he says. "And I certainly believed it."

Since he didn't know any different, Gregg also believed his experiences were normal. "I thought all boys were having this type of relationship with their mothers," he says.

Unlike some child sex offenders, Gregg says his abuser never tried to seduce him or make it seem pleasurable. Instead, she beat him into submission. "It was actually awful for me," he says. "If I had to make a decision between the sexual abuse and the physical abuse, I would have chosen the physical abuse. It was much easier to deal with."


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