Until he was 11 years old, Gregg Milligan and several of his siblings lived in a house of unimaginable horrors with their mother. Gregg says he never really knew his father in those years, so his mother was the center of his world. This woman was also his abuser.

As a young child, Gregg suffered from severe neglect, emotional abuse and consistent beatings. Then, when he was just 8 years old, Gregg says the sexual abuse began.

"Back then, it was fondling, touching, making me touch my mother. When, perhaps, she thought she could take it further, she did," he says. "She would make me have sex with her, moving my body against hers. And if I did not respond physically, she would beat me, choke me, hit me, throw me from the bedroom."

Gregg says he was a prisoner in his mother's bedroom until he helped her reach orgasm. "It was an awful, screeching sound she would make when she finally reached orgasm. And then, she would hit me and push me," he says. "I would go to bed at night, and I could not get the smell of her off my hands. It was the worst smell."


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