In 1989, former racist Jim Rainey appeared on The Oprah Show. He said he changed his ways when his biracial grandson was born, and he was ashamed of the way he felt before.

“He didn’t know I was a racist. He didn’t know how evil my mind was. He just knew I was Smoky...I was his granddaddy, and he loved me,” says Jim.

See how Jim changed his ways. 

Today, Jim says he still feels ashamed of his dark past, but his transformation has come full circle—he and his wife have adopted two black children into their family. “It’s amazing that you can get this old and just now realize what your calling in life is,” Jim says. “That’s being a parent and a father to Robert and Walter. I hope that [my wife] and I both can last long enough to see them raised and have opportunities—opportunities that thugs like me would have denied them 40 years ago.”


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