Although she has a royal title and lives in a palace, Queen Rania doesn't take her role for granted. "There's not really a day when I don't have anything to worry about," she says. "In addition to taking care of my family, there are also the 6 million people in my country that I have to think about, and I have to think about the issues of our country and everything that faces us."

To connect with the people of Jordan—and the rest of the world—Queen Rania uses her blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel and has more than a million followers on Twitter. "My virtual self can get closer to people easier than my real self," she says. "People sometimes think of queen as a title that's shrouded with protocol and formality, and for that reason sometimes people are not easily saying what they want to say. They're reluctant to express their opinions, and I kind of find that frustrating because I want to know what people really, really think."

Being online breaks down barriers between the queen and others. "It creates a space where titles mean little and people can just say what they want," she says. "It opens a window to my life and opens a window for me into other people's lives so I can see what people are thinking or what the sentiment out there is all about."


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