Queen Rania says she doesn't think of herself as royalty at heart. "Eighty percent of my life is normal like any other mother. I worry about my children, if they're doing all right. I worry that my husband is doing well," she says. "The 20 percent is just the queen aspect that factors in. But for me, it's life as usual and it's just taking care of my family."

Queen Rania says her day begins like any other mom's—getting the kids ready for school. "There's a typical mayhem in the morning of taking care of the children, making sure they're ready for school and they've had their breakfast and everything," she says. "I have some help, [but] there's some things that only a mother can do."

Once the kids are off to school, Queen Rania says she has a little time to herself. "I go into my email, check my Twitter, all that kind of thing," she says. "If I have the energy, I'll do a little bit of exercise."

When the king and queen need a night to unwind, Queen Rania says their favorite thing to do is stay in for a movie night. "Just sitting around eating popcorn," she says. "The Hurt Locker was great. The Hurt Locker was filmed in Jordan, actually."


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