Q: What are some other misconceptions about child molesters?

A: That they look like creepy guys in long, black trench coats that drive a van with covered windows. People are often shocked about who they are, as they think they can't be nice guys or people who they've previously found as nice, good people. They are often people who others have trusted and would swear it could not be that person.

People think that if they're having sex with the person (offender), they can't be molesting a child, as well. They do. I hear women often say, "We were having sex all the time. There is no way he needed/wanted more sex." People also think it could not have happened because the child was only left alone for a minuteā€”it sometimes takes just a minute or it is very sneaky. Or people think they were there watching the entire time, so it could not have happened. I have had offenders molest while other people were in the same room, car and even bed unbeknownst to them. If someone is a famous person (singer, actor, etc.), they must not have molested a child because they could have whoever they want. Big misconception!

Q: What is the one thing you want child molesters to know before they choose another victim?

A: There is help! Get it.

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