The first step in the marriage repair process is rewriting vows, Gary says. "Remember, we get married for a lot of different reasons, not just for money or for looks. It's about an entire relationship," he says. "It's good to come back and remind each other why we fell in love."

Try Gary Neuman's vow renewal exercise.

Timothy and Amy have committed to start looking at their relationship differently. To get the healing started, they each rewrote their vows. "I will prioritize my marriage in the same way that I would protect our daughter or fight cancer. I will join Timothy in the driver's seat," Amy writes. "The word 'divorce' is not in our vocabulary." 

Timothy says he vows to communicate better. "I vow to talk about my feelings as far as if I'm scared, I'm nervous [or] I'm anxious, and I will not make you feel those emotions," he writes.


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