2. Be involved in your child's life.
  • Be interested in your child's activities. Ask your child about the people he goes to school with or play with. If your child is involved in sports, go to games and practices. Get to know the other parents and coaches. If your child is involved in afterschool activities or daycare, ask him what he did during the day.
  • Talk about the media. If your child watches a lot of television or plays video games, watch or play with him. Many TV shows (for example, CSI or Law and Order) show sexual violence of different kinds. Some video games (for example, Grand Theft Auto) allow the user to engage in sexual violence. Use examples from TV or games that you have watched or played together to start up conversations about sexuality and sexual abuse.
  • Know the other adults that your child might talk to. Children sometimes feel that they cannot talk to their parents. Know the other trusted adults in your child's life. 
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