A twist of fate in a maximum security prison brought this unlikely couple together. At California State Prison in Sacramento, Joseph was part of a men's group that helps inmates work through past issues. Tracy was part of an African dance troupe asked to perform at a celebration for the men's group. "I don't know anybody in prison. I don't know anybody who knows anybody in prison," she says. "I was going in as a service to do this dance."

Before the performance started, Tracy says Joseph struck up a conversation. There was an instant connection, but Tracy says it wasn't love at first sight. "I had no intention of getting involved with anybody in prison," she says. "He was an attractive man and I felt the connection, but it was like, 'I'm not going there.'"

As Tracy was leaving, she says Joseph asked her to hold out her hand. "He held his hand above it and he [pretended to drop something] and he said, 'I'm giving you my heart,'" she says. "For somebody in that position to be so vulnerable, to do that with someone they felt a connection with, it made an impression."

Joseph, who calls in from prison to speak with Oprah, says he couldn't help himself. "I just knew she was the one," he says. "Me being in prison wasn't even on my mind. I just knew that I wanted to be with her."


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