Love knows no boundaries—even in maximum security prisons. In the United States, inmates serving time are allowed to marry in all states except South Carolina and Delaware. Outside prison walls, there are more than 50 websites where women can find a husband who is incarcerated.

Tracy, a 47-year-old mother, never thought she'd find her soul mate behind bars. The daughter of an engineer and a real estate agent, Tracy says she had a happy childhood in San Jose, California. "Nobody worried about crime, and I always felt safe wherever I went," she says. "My parents were very strict. I didn't get into drugs or any of that kind of stuff."

After earning an accounting degree from community college, Tracy worked as an office administrator. She married and divorced twice and started exploring her spirituality to get to the root of her failed relationships. "My mom describes me as a wild child because I basically kind of broke out of the family mold and the family conditioning when I started on a spiritual path, so I do things that look unconventional to my sisters and my mom."


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