What was your defining moment?

Gov. Bush says he has had two defining moments in his life: marrying Laura and the birth of their twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna.

"We wanted to have children, and we were thinking about adopting," he says. But before they could adopt a child, Laura found out she was pregnant. "It was a fantastic moment," Gov. Bush says.

The mood soon changed when Laura became ill and was diagnosed with toxemia, but Gov. Bush says she stayed strong on the way to the hospital in Dallas. "She got on the airplane, and she said, 'These babies are going to be born healthy.' She had this West Texas determination," he says. "I'm kind of tearing up about it a little bit because it was such a powerful statement by a mother who said, 'These children will come to be.'"

Gov. Bush says mom and babies were healthy in the end. "It was a defining moment because I realized that I was responsible, as was Laura responsible, for these little girls coming up in the world," he says. "That we were responsible for loving them, and teaching them to read and to surround them with compassion and care."

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