How does Gov. Bush define himself?

"As a dad, as a husband, as a patriot—somebody who loves America. I've been an entrepreneur; I've been a governor—but I'd like to be defined by my heart. I want people to know I care a lot about our fellow citizens."

What is your definition of a leader?

"A leader is somebody who's not afraid to take positions. A leader is somebody who's willing to bring people together to get things done. That's what I've done as governor of Texas. I've worked with both Republicans and Democrats to focus on public education, for example. A leader is somebody willing to make decisions based on principles, not polls or focus groups. A leader is somebody willing to share credit and to take the heat."

What is the public's largest misconception of you?

"Probably that I'm running on my daddy's name," Gov. Bush says. "But I knew why I was running, and I've got a mission. I got a vision for our state; I have a vision for our country—so I understand people are going to say that."

Have you ever had a moment of self-doubt?

"I'm sure there was self-doubt when I got shipped off to school, going from Texas up east. I got to a place called Phillips Academy Andover, in Massachusetts, where it was just a whole different world—a completely different environment from where I was raised. I can remember thinking how brilliant all of the other kids were and how hard I had to work to catch up."


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