On top of his many duties as leader of the free world, President Obama has taken on a second job since moving to Washington, D.C.: basketball coach. "I was a consultant and assistant basketball coach to Sasha's team this year," he says. "Reggie Love, who played at Duke, my assistant, we decided to have some clinics for the girls, and so every Sunday we would bring Sasha and her teammates—Joe Biden's granddaughter Maisy is a terrific basketball player—we'd bring them together, and we'd have these clinics and these drills."

On a few occasions, when the regular coaches couldn't make it to a game, Reggie and President Obama filled in as coaches. "Oh, it was nerve-wracking," the president says.

The Obamas say they try to give their daughters as "normal" an upbringing as possible for children living in the White House. Given Sasha and Malia's level of privilege, Mrs. Obama says she tries to instill a sense of responsibility in her daughters.

"You go back to the basics. I hear my parents and his mom's voices ringing in our heads. 'Turn off the TV. You have chores to do in this house.' You have to get creative in the White House giving kids chores, because they don't understand. 'Why do I have to make my bed?'” Mrs. Obama says. "When you're in that situation, we have real discussions about responsibility and, you know, not taking anything for granted and not having a bunch of grown-ups doing stuff for you when you're completely capable of doing it yourself."

One of Malia's new chores, Mrs. Obama says, is going to be doing laundry. "Grandma still does her own laundry at the White House so she's going to be in charge of laundry duty," she says. "[Malia] has to learn how to do that. I don't want her to be 15, 16 and be that kid: 'I've never done laundry before.' I would cringe if she became that kid."


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