Brooke Shields

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Brooke said she first felt the rage in the delivery room when she saw Chris holding Rowan in his arms.

"In one instant I looked at him and I thought, 'Well, fine. I've done all of this, I'm sitting here with nothing that I came in [with] attached to me any longer, people are all around, this baby gets born and she's fine, she's in his arms, and he's having a moment.' You know? He's having this glorious moment," Brooke recalls.

"[It was the] moment I wanted—that I felt like I deserved and earned and had worked so hard for," Brooke says. "And [Chris] just got to come in and it all got directed to that. And I thought I was jealous of his association with her. I was so angry that he was happy and everybody else was happy and I was possibly—I thought I was going to die because I kept losing so much blood that they were going to do a transfusion. And in one split second, my world had turned completely upside down and…I didn't want to be happy for him and the baby."