Michelle on a past show

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During a show about how to handle sticky situations, one mom asked a question that caught every parent's attention. Should she call the parent of a girl who had propositioned her 12-year-old son via text message?

Michelle says her son met the girl at a party. Just as they were about to kiss for the first time, they got interrupted. The next day, Michelle says the girl texted her son repeatedly and told him she wanted to "go to second base" with him. Then, Michelle says the girl offered oral sex to him over text and told him she loved him.

"My son was very upset. I was very upset, needless to say," she says. "But there was a side of me that said, 'Should I call this 12-year-old girl's mother and let her know what's going on?' Or is it not my place to do that and just deal directly with my son on this matter?" To complicate things, Michelle says she's never met the girl or her family.

The experts from the show—New York Times Magazine columnist Randy Cohen and O, The Oprah Magazine columnist Faith Salie—had plenty of advice to offer. Randy thought Michelle unquestionably needed to make the call. "If you think a child is going to engage in genuinely dangerous behavior, we all have to step up. When a 12-year-old is involved it's dangerous," he says. "This is when it's our obligation as adults, as members of a community, to make sure our children are not doing anything dangerous."

Faith said Michelle's first priority needed to be preserving her relationship with her son. If Michelle decided to make that call, Faith encouraged her to do so with nothing but good intentions and love for both children. "You can only come into it with your best intentions, and you can't control how people react," Faith says.