Mark Consuelos

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Although Madonna is going through her own personal struggles, she's still going strong on her Sticky & Sweet Tour. "I went to the concert last Saturday night," Mark says. "If she was going through this, that makes what she did on stage that night all the more amazing."

Mark and his wife, Kelly Ripa, went to the concert together, but Mark says he had a motive. "Let's face it, a guy who goes to a Madonna concert with his wife is going for one reason. It's because you're going to get lucky afterward," he jokes.

When they arrived at Madison Square Garden, Mark says he was shocked to find they had front-row seats. "I could touch the stage," he says. "I'm thinking in my mind, 'This is going to be great!'" Madonna also had a surprise in store for the famous couple. Toward the end of the concert, Mark says she handed Kelly the microphone and asked her to sing a few lyrics! "My heads [was] going to explode," Mark says.

When the concert ended, Mark says Madonna's manager came down and handed them a copy of the footage. "They got it that quick," he says. "He's like, 'Maybe you want to watch it," and I'm like 'Yes!' When we get home it's going to be like...what do you guys call it? Foreplay."

Mark says he couldn't wait to get home to show Kelly her shining moment. "I'm thinking [Kelly] sounded just as good as Madonna, or at least as good as one of her backup dancers," he says. But when Mark pushed play, he says it wasn't quite the solo he remembered. "It wasn't that good," he says.

Although Kelly's singing wasn't Grammy Award-worthy, Mark says the concert was amazing. "[Madonna] looked fantastic," he says.