"Glitter in the Air" is a song on Pink's platinum CD Funhouse. But it's another song on that album, "I Don't Believe You," that Pink says changed her life. "I'm usually the one that's calling the shots, with one foot out the door," she says. "This song is very humble for me. It's very apologetic and understanding and questioning and begging, and I don't do that."

Pink says "I Don't Believe You" helped bring her back together with her husband, motorcross racer Carey Hart, after they spent a year apart. "I was pretty sure I was perfect before that breakup," she says. "I spent six years trying to change someone else, and I think that that was a great distraction for me to not have to really look at myself and see what I had to change in me. My dad said, 'If you can think of 20 things that you want in a person, then make sure you have all of those,' and I didn't. So it was very humbling for me. I'm not perfect."

Her relationship with Cary has helped Pink get to know herself, she says. "I think you learn more about yourself in the context of a relationship than you can outside of it," she says. "A lot of people like to just start over to come to the same problem."


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