Other than Oprah, Piers says one of his favorite interview subjects on Piers Morgan Tonight has been English comedian Ricky Gervais, who sat down with Piers after hosting the Golden Globes. Even days after the awards show, Ricky's blistering monologue jokes about certain movie stars was the talk of Hollywood. "Everyone was expecting him to be a little bit contrite," Piers says. "And instead he came out—I had a couple of beers lined up, English beers—and he just said, 'What, I don't regret anything.' I loved it. I thought, 'Good on you, Ricky.'"

The other interview that Piers says he really loved was with Clooney...not George, but his father, Nick. "I did George the first half and then his dad came out and ... he's better looking than George, and even George admitted that. And he was so civilized and intelligent and charming. And you could see immediately where George got it all from," Piers says. 

"I've heard you say before that actually the most memorable moments of your 25 years, most of them don't involve famous people,” Piers says to Oprah. “They're just real people. You know people say 'ordinary' people [but] they're not ordinary. Everyone's extraordinary."

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