Peter: Why let your husband or partner have all the fun? Take the kids to dinner and a movie, find a local concert, play or exhibit to visit or volunteer at the local food pantry or animal shelter.

Tanuja: Today after school I took my eldest daughter, her friends and their moms to New Moon. It was so much fun to go on an outing with the kids and the other moms—a total girls' night out. We all went to a nice dinner after.

Nina: Today, my mom, friends and I went to New Moon. It was really fun. After, we went to a nice dinner at an Italian place. At dinner, I had a really great time. This was the first time doing a mother-daughter dinner.

Savi: Today I was able to go to my friend's sister's birthday party. Normally, I would have tennis and would not be able to go to my friend's birthday. After the birthday party, we came home and waited for mom and Nina, who were late coming home from the movie! We went downtown, after they came home, to stay for the weekend. When we were in the hotel room, we fought about who slept where, and then we mostly talked until midnight without my parents knowing!


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